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What is a Toastmaster?

It's not just a red coat and a loud voice ...although that helps!

It is one of the oldest occupations in the United Kingdom. There are no similar professions in any other country in the world.

So it is a uniquely British, very ancient, highly dignified but nowadays extremely vital profession within the vast world of banqueting, conferences, dinners, luncheons, weddings and the countless other events where a person of good voice, intelligent approach, dignified appearance and strong yet unobtrusive personality is required. 

The Toastmaster is responsible for keeping a function running effortlessly and to time, ensuring that events happen in the right order and guests know what is going on. The Toastmaster will coordinate with all suppliers on the day to make it all happen as you planned so that you can relax in the knowledge that Your BIG Day is in the hands of a very capable professional.

Professional Toastmasters are trained, experienced and regularly monitored to assure customer satisfaction and standards are maintained, so that you can have confidence that Your BIG Day will run as you want it to. 

A red coat proves nothing - but you can tell by the badge worn round the neck that a Toastmaster is a member of a recognised professional body, such as those shown below:

The National Association of Toastmasters prides itself on many years providing Toastmasters of the highest standard and quality throughout the United Kingdom, and, on occasions, in various other parts of the world. Any client engaging a Toastmaster wearing the N.A.T. badge is assured of an absolute professional approach to the function they are attending based upon detailed training and instruction. For more details follow this link or click on the NAT badge.

The Alliance of Toastmasters - an organisation of Professional Toastmasters whose members are experienced in presiding at receptions and multi-faith dinners for many religious denominations and particularly Christian, Jewish, Asian and Mediterranean.

For more details follow this link or click on the AoT badge.

Both the above are members of the Toastmasters' General Council - the Professional Body for Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies, which enables potential clients to ensure that their chosen Toastmaster or MC is affiliated to a fully qualified body, governed by strict rules of protocol and conduct. For more details follow this link or click on the TGC logo.